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How AI and ChatGPT are affecting various industries: Can they really take away jobs?

How AI and ChatGPT are affecting various industries: Can they really take away jobs?

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to change the technological world around us on many levels. It is astonishingly profound to witness this growth taking over almost everyday chores–whether it be playing a song at home or managing complex coding for software development. But the question remains, can AI compete with the human brain, and does AI pose a risk to tens of thousands of jobs around the world?

AI, undoubtedly, has made things a lot easier for students and professionals, which can now be seen in various industries and educational sectors. Specifically, OpenAI recently introduced ChatGPT, a new tool for writing stories and codes, which is the ongoing hype everywhere on the internet. This development has stemmed a worry and deep thought of whether technology and artificial intelligence is greater than humans and if this takeover will affect job sectors. I believe AI is only as helpful as we humans allow it to be. Though AI has many capabilities, it doesn’t compare to human intelligence in many respects. As AI continues to build and grow, it is also generating more job opportunities, as more employers have knowledge of how to use AI.

It is essential to understand that practical concerns must be dealt with before believing that AI is the future. Undoubtedly, originality peaks all machinery tools and this is what writers need. With AI acquiring proficiency in writing, it is still necessary to understand that AI comes with certain elements that may meddle in producing, implementing, and displaying original content. The pitfalls of AI in writing can be understood and seen through certain segments, with plagiarism being one. An article on the pros and cons of AI writing tools mentions plagiarism as one of the concerns of AI. Algorithms and traffic follow the suite. The fact that creativity is lacking when using AI tools such as chatGPT stands true, which further clarifies the importance of human jobs that can go a long way even still. As a writer, I believe in the importance of personal thoughts and expression, which any machine, tool, application or AI can never overpower. The necessity and essence of beholding creative thoughts and spreading a personal reflection in words written by oneself enhance a writer’s job.

Indeed, the world is eventually moving to a stage where spending a day without technology seems difficult, but it is possible. Though AI has made life easier, human workers are more skilled and are the future of the professional world in the years to follow. In an article titled Man vs. Machine, it is well-stated that human workers are more explorative, interested, ideated and creative. The future is not against man or machines, but it is important to deliver balance, adjustments and salience between the two. Machines are bound to create jobs instead of replacing them, and man is certain to pursue jobs instead of running away from them.

The development of AI is not a problem; it is a benefit to the job world as businesses are growing and expanding more. According to an article by Simplilearn, AI and machine learning are two backbones of the market of careers. This adoption has begun reflecting in the professional sector already with a possibility for the same to continue further in the next few years too. Concerns about AI seem genuine, but it is not a threat to the environment. Truly, the pace with which the growth of AI is being seen is fair, but it cannot completely take away jobs. AI and ChatGPT is certainly being used more in many industries, and is completing jobs that humans have traditionally done, but it’s important to note that the way that humans think and write can never be taken over by any AI tool. ChatGPT may provide potential and suitable results, more or less what one wishes to read, but the way a human brain thinks overpowers every artificial intelligence we have available. Students and professionals across the globe are making use of ChatGPT, however, the traditional practices are still proven to be legit and important to an extent. AI tools are certainly concerning, but the worry that they may take away jobs is not a full-proof fact. According to an article by Harvard Business Review, it can be understood that adjusting to AI and accepting that it is part of our everyday lifestyle, the way we think and the way we incorporate its use in our professional and personal being displays the use, need, and importance of AI.

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    Chris WeibertMar 10, 2023 at 8:59 am

    well said
    Great article on the benefits and limitations of AI in the job market. It’s important to understand that AI is not a threat, but a tool that can provide potential benefits that humans can’t achieve alone. The balance and adjustment between human and machine are crucial to the job market’s future, and humans’ creativity and exploration will never be replaced by any AI tool.
    Chris Weibert