Join Our Team

Any University of New Haven student can join at any time and contribute as much or as little as they choose to the magazine. There is no requirement for prior reporting experience; some of our current writers and staff had no prior journalism experience when they first joined.

Opinion and feature writing, investigations, audience interaction, business, and site development and design are just a few of the options available for students to participate in. Students are welcome to participate without becoming members of our staff, and they are encouraged to inquire about opportunities in the magazine.

If this is your first time writing or reporting journalistically (albeit The Charger Bulletin), editors will provide you with thorough instructions and assistance before you begin. You may also choose to work with an experienced staff member on as many articles as desired.

Our editors and staff members are always eager to chat about their responsibilities, and you may email the Horseshoe Magazine Executive Editor, Samuel Weinmann, with any inquiries about joining us.