Ethics Policy

Section 1: The Horseshoe Magazine will abide by industry-standard ethics.

Section 2: The Code of Ethics from the Society of Professional Journalists guidelines will be followed unless otherwise modified by the Head Editor with the approval of the editorial staff.

Section 3: Members will strive to be accurate, fair, honest and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information. 

Section 4: Members will treat sources, subjects, colleagues, and members of the public with respect in pursuing the highest and primary obligation of ethical journalism: to serve the public. 

Section 5: Ethical journalism means taking responsibility for one’s work and explaining one’s decisions to the public should it be provocated. Members and editorial staff will provide answers to any questions and listen to critiques provided by the public. 

Section 6: Journalistic standards will be enforced in accordance with the policy outlined in the constitution. Should a student violate this policy, they will be held responsible as provisioned in the constitution.

Questions and additional information about our code of ethics should be directed to the Executive Editor at