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Reading Odd Film: Our Drawings – Princess Movie

Photo courtesy of Pexels/Allan Mas

Hello, and welcome to the fourth column of Reading Odd Films, where I look at odd film adaptations of books, and today we’re looking at the masterpiece “Our Drawings – Princess Movie” created by the YouTuber Calobi Animations. What is this piece of cinema an adaptation of, you may ask? “Our Drawings – Princess Movie” transcends adapting only one piece of literature. This film adapts “The Sound and The Fury,” The King Arthur legend, and dare I say, The Bible. 

This piece of cinema starts out by introducing the main character, Paige, and explaining her backstory. As a child, Paige was so sick that she had to spend her days in a hospital, and to distract herself, she ended up creating a fictional world from her drawings. The film restates this backstory an infinite amount (four) times. Now, dear reader, you may say this is out of laziness or a way to pad out this hour-long thought adventure, which Calobi might have done to show off his amazing shape-based animation skills. However, this is meant to foreshadow how Paige is the second coming of Christ. 

Let me explain. Three is an important number in Christianity, especially Catholicism, as it represents The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. “Our Drawings – Princess Movie” turns that three into a four, with The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, and Paige. This point is proven further as the movie goes on. 

In this piece of cinema, Paige gathers friends, who are really her disciples. This includes a girl who immediately understands Paige’s godhood and would die for her, two boys who drink on a high school campus and who “been knowing how to draw” (a masterful use of grammar), a stick figure, the creator’s (Calobi) original character (OC), an annoying Swedish boy, a Jamaican marshmallow, and a beat-boxing puppy. Their first mission is to defeat Paige’s sister, Pillow, who pretends to be on Paige’s side, but in reality, interns for an AI company that steals art for their own gain. Pillow’s defeat indicates that, unlike the first coming of Christ, Paige will not be a God of blind forgiveness She is willing to kill, even mildly lecture, if necessary. 

Their next mission is to defeat Mist, Paige’s favorite art teacher and the twist villain, who commits the war crime of tracing over art. You know who also had a favorite that betrayed him, God, and you know who that favorite was, Satan. Mist, Paige’s favorite art teacher and betrayer, constantly reminds Paige that her dad hates her because she’s an artist. This indicates that although Paige is the new God, the first Abrahamic God, does not approve of Paige’s new way of doing things. Unlike the Satan of the Bible, Mist is eventually redeemed, seeing the light of Paige’s Godhood. Unlike the Gods of old, Paige is able to bring the True Evil to goodness, defeating and banishing evil forever, plus her Instagram page is exploding She is not just a jealous God and not just a vengeful one, but an anti-AI art one. 

Before Mist is redeemed, he claims that Paige has been in a coma (calling back to her backstory that was stated four times). At first, this is dismissed as a lie by Paige and her friends, and the audience may be inclined to believe in her and her disciples’ thought process. But after further reflection, “Our Drawings – Princess Movie” implies that Mist was telling the truth. It’s just that Paige died and rose again. You know who also died and came back to life: JESUS! This is just additional evidence that Paige is the cooler and second coming of Christ (with 1.4 billion subs on Instagram) because you have to make a draft before writing the final copy. Paige is that the final copy. 

There is an interesting theological debate between Calobi GOATed OC and  The Wizard, who enjoys crushing the beat-boxing puppy’s head and accuses people of being from Ohio. The Wizard tries to break Calobi’s faith by complaining that he was created to be evil, and if Paige is so good, why did she create him? Calobi points out that The Wizard chose to be evil and that Paige has given all of her creations free will. Therefore, The Wizard can not complain. This is an eerily similar debate that people have about why God created evil and if free will exists. The Wizard is ultimately up by the OC and  Mist because he refuses to accept the good word of the new God, Paige.

“Our Drawings – Princess Movie” has elements of different pieces of literature. It has the confusing structure of “The Sound and The Fury”, the epicness of the King Arthur legend, and the theology of the Bible. The filmmaker and YouTuber Calobi knew that he must release this piece of cinema for free. He knew that this must be seen by as many people as possible. 

We must accept PAIGE as our Lord and Savior. “Our Drawings – Princess Movie” is not a fictional film, it’s just barely a documentary, it is not just art, it is the New Religion. It is the introduction of the New World Order, which will start when we accept Her as our new God.  

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