The scene set: “SomeboDY sedATE me!” screams a young adult after they drop their phone on the ground; one friend, deadpan, replies, “good soup,” and another looks at them, fully bites their bottom lips, scrunches their eyebrows, forms a V-shape with the thumb and index finger under their chin and groans. The peers around them either don’t react or give a confirmatory nod at the situation and go on with their life. You’re flabbergasted, naturally.

Despite sociologically being identified as a Gen Z-er, I don’t wholeheartedly feel like I should be. As someone who parts her hair to the side, regardless of what that says about what generation I belong to, I’m confused as to who I should claim as my peers: Millennials or Gen Z? For this reason, the internet coined the term “Zillennials” to give this unnamed territory of generations a name.