Our interpretive section covers all pieces that are written from the author’s point of view, whether that be a political opinion, social commentary, or any other piece that reflects the sole opinion of the author.


Investigative pieces strive to seek out new information about pressing or relevant topics. These long-form pieces stem from original and authentic reporting in order to create new and important information.


The feature stories in this section paint a picture of one concrete topic. Our features may include event coverage, interviews or just general descriptive articles. What distinguishes this form of coverage from news coverage is the depth in which our writers go to tell a story.


On a basis determined by the writer, these are recurring long-form pieces that delve into a specific topic. While columns invariably bleed into other sections, they are defined by the passion and interest that keeps the author writing about the same more than once.


Slightly moving away from the long-form pieces that other sections contain, photojournalism focuses more on imagery to tell a story. Although words often accompany the photos in this section, it isn’t a requirement.


A new section that branches away from this magazine’s norms, the literary section seeks to garner interest from a broader population of students at the University of New Haven. While the requirements differ slightly from other sections, this new section focuses almost exclusively on short fiction and poetry.