If we turn back time, we can see that there is a visible pattern in how history has denied the homosexuality of people of importance. Time and time again, reports cover up high-profile relationships by blowing them off as close friendships. In reality, though, the list of historical figures whose clearly gay relationships were downplayed as strong friendships is extensive. The following are only a small percentage of those whom the media was too fearful to identify correctly.

ms serve as a window into the past, an immersive experience that transports the observer into a moment in time. Immersion is achieved through the creation of elaborate displays, objects and artifacts from the targeted period. While it is overlooked, museums are commonly a product of the history they claim to preserve, whether knowingly or not, this is born from a complicated history of artifacts acquisition. Such acquisition includes blatant theft of artifacts to more grey areas that have legal precedent and implications. These unethical and morally grey instances have led to an increased controversy surrounding the topic of artifact repatriation and restoration to their original cultural homes.