dedication that prominent members of the Black community have made throughout history. Black History Month is a time to acknowledge and to be educated on what the Black community, not only in America, but globally, had to endure, whether it was through their sacrifices or the trauma and troubles that they had to survive, just to be freed from slavery and treated as equal. Still to this very day, the entire Black diaspora is treated with discrimination.

It wasn’t too late at night, maybe six or seven. There was a warm breeze slowly moving into the unfinished room, and the sun was peeking behind a family of trees huddled together nearby. A soft, orange glow painted the room, and I could feel the heat of the night on my face. It was early September, and summer hadn’t quite yet died out. I could smell the faint, alluring scent of a barbecue nearby, and I stopped to soak in the last remnants of the sunset.

On a whim, the human race is subjected to external forces and situations. Emotional intelligence fails to intervene when it is most needed—worry and fear are unavoidable in the majority of us. Do the tiny little voices in your head frequently overwhelm and discourage you? Do you feel compelled to believe and succumb to those voices that tell you, “This is impossible” or “You should give up”? These voices are often louder when you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do, or when you’re basking in the warmth of silence.