Currently, it feels like I haven’t truly interacted with another person since before the pandemic. While I now attend classes and go to work in the morning, something still seems off; I feel a profound disconnect from those around me, and while I could pretend like this experience is unique,  I know that it’s not. Especially after so many months of social distancing, it feels as though we have forgotten how to be human. 

Those who enjoy romantic comedies revel in the comfort and familiarity of the phrase “and they all lived happily ever after.” Gazing wistfully among the happy couple on the screen incites feelings of elation and somberness, as they wish for unadulterated bliss. However, behind the image of perfection lies malice and bone-chilling horror. In the dark underbelly of romance lies an amalgamation of toxic narratives: Joe Goldberg from “YOU.”

Social media runs our lives. With its limitless networks, there are multiple methods of communicating ideas and information effortlessly. This has a transgenerational effect, as all ages are found actively on media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more. With such access, one can gain access to the latest news, keep up to date on trends, follow an idol or celebrity icon and communicate with family and friends across the globe. Considering the breadth of information along with its large audience, it is safe to say social media has taken over the world.

In the wake of Pride month, the demand to “Stop making everything gay,” echos in my head. The complaint is not always quite that direct, but among brands temporarily incorporating the rainbow into their logos, statements of support for the LGBTQ+ being issued, and abundant Pride celebrations, there are a litany of ways the directive comes through:

Despite sociologically being identified as a Gen Z-er, I don’t wholeheartedly feel like I should be. As someone who parts her hair to the side, regardless of what that says about what generation I belong to, I’m confused as to who I should claim as my peers: Millennials or Gen Z? For this reason, the internet coined the term “Zillennials” to give this unnamed territory of generations a name.