pictures are all lined up in a row across the long wooden table. One by one, every current member gets to choose an initiate to make their own. As the weeks go by, these new young prospects get left notes by their respective elders. Granted gifts and words of encouragement, a connection is formed before each pair even meets face-to-face. “I know we haven’t met yet, but it feels like I have already known you forever,” they proclaim, still anonymous. “Once you become a part of us, you will have a unified family forever.” 

If we turn back time, we can see that there is a visible pattern in how history has denied the homosexuality of people of importance. Time and time again, reports cover up high-profile relationships by blowing them off as close friendships. In reality, though, the list of historical figures whose clearly gay relationships were downplayed as strong friendships is extensive. The following are only a small percentage of those whom the media was too fearful to identify correctly.